With SQLjobvis, you can visualize your SQL Server Agent job history with ease.
Quickly identify failures, long-running jobs, and times when multiple jobs are running simultaneously - all in an intuitive and visually appealing interface.
Using SSISdiff in conjunction with your preferred source control software, or even standalone, you can get a better feel for what has really changed in your SSIS packages. SSISdiff hides the 'noise' from the .dtsx files, making comparisons much easier.
SQLscripta makes finding and scripting stored procedures, functions, views, and triggers simple. Easy to use, it allows simple or more complex searching across multiple databases, and scripts can then be copied using a right-click "Copy", Ctrl+C, drag-drop, or viewed in the application and copied from there.
SQLaudit (Beta) adds simple trigger-based auditing to your database. The results of changes to the data (inserts / updates / deletes) are stored in a handful of tables, leaving your database otherwise uncluttered.

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